However, if the iPhone X comes with any damage that makes repairs harder, such as a cracked screen, that will need. s seri.

The 13 inch MacBook Pro (non-touch bar) that was sold between June 2017. The users with eligible iPhone Xs can get a free.

Apple launched a pair of repair programs to fix issues for some 13-inch, non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro and some iPhone Xs. but.

Apple said that on some iPhone X devices, display screens are experiencing touch issues. Those issues include: The screen.

Apple’s turning back to. is a redesigned version of its iPad Pro for businesses and creative professionals. The new MacBoo.

Refunds are also available to those who have previously paid for replacement display modules and believe their iPhone X was i.

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Adrian Weckler Twitter Email Apple has a new portable computer. But do people yet see the iPad Pro as a replacement for a.

To find out if your MacBook Pro is affected, fire up macOS and go to About This Mac found in the Apple menu ( ) in the upper-.

It may cause the display, or a part of it, to go unresponsive or even exhibit ghost touch – where the screen reacts without t.

First Apple axed the home. a slender form with a big touch screen, not available on any Macs. But I’m skeptical how much a.

of Retina on the new MacBook Air I’ve been testing gives the faithful an excellent reason to cheer, along with other features.

After admitting not too long ago that certain MacBook Pro versions have a graphic card issue and qualify for free repairs, Apple quietly confirmed one more issue that’s affecting thousands of MacBook.

Minutes after revealing a modern make-over for the once-revolutionary MacBook. It’s the Apple version of betting a dollar.

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Apple has a new portable computer that it believes will strongly appeal to professionals and creative types. But do people ye.

Apple warns that a cracked screen or other damage that impairs the repair will need to be fixed before the device is serviced.