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PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android users will all be catered for alongside DRM free versions of the upcoming game. Although Kickstarter users know very little about the point-and-click adventure, more.

Originally released for consoles, PC, and Mac in January, Sega today released ‘The Cave. Double Fine Productions– the development team behind Brütal Legend, Psychonauts, etc– so there’s definitely.

Psychonauts developer Double Fine is offering anyone who owns. Hack’n’Slash is a dungeon-crawling adventure game that launched September 9 on Windows PC, Mac and Linux. We thought that it was.

Since then, Double Fine has launched a second Kickstarter for strategy title Massive Chalice. Broken Age will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Ouya. Black-ish’s Prince tribute leads to.

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Each game is fully compatible with PC, Mac and Linux and have made their soundtracks available too. The Humble Bundle 6 ends in one week and the average is currently sitting at $5.86, so there’s not.

Now the Steam client is available on Windows, Mac and Linux it makes it even easier for customers to buy-once and play anywhere. David Pitkin, Director of Consumer Applications at Canonical (Ubuntu).

remember), and the minimum you need to pledge if you want to get Psychonauts 2 for less than retail price is US$39. It’ll cost an extra US$18 if you want a Xbox One or PS4 edition; the digital.

Thief: Deadly Shadows joins the free section along with John Romero’s Daikatana. Keep working on Psychonauts if you have finished it. Mac users have access to the free games — just as long as it.

Twitch Prime’s latest slate of free games for subscribers in May has been revealed and it includes Psychonauts, Gone Home and Titan Souls. If you sign up for Twitch Prime (or even Amazon Prime),

If you were looking forward to Psychonauts 2 next year then I have some bad news. If you have a decent iPad, like a iPad Air 2, 2017 iPad, or iPad Pro, you can play the full version Civilization VI.

Industry legend Tim Schafer (whose credits include the 1st Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango) has been bandying about the idea of a second Psychonauts for quite some time now. Alas,

The fifth iteration of the Humble Indie Bundle has gone live, granting donors their choice of Mac, PC or Linux versions of Psychonauts, Limbo, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Amnesia: The Dark.

most notably 2005’s Psychonauts). It went on to serve as crowd-funding inspiration for countless other independent game makers and helped make Kickstarter a viable and more readily accessible.

For some of us, the adventure is going to continue with Psychonauts 2. The crew is filming all our meetings. Data DVD featuring: Broken Age complete game for Windows, Mac, and Linux Official.

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At least it’s for charity, right? Each of the Humble Indie Bundle titles are available for PC, Mac or Linux completely DRM-free. Check ’em out today.

Mac, and Linux as well. Each title is DRM-Free save the Spacebase DF-9 title due to its Early Access nature. You’ll also find music albums for Brutal Legend, Costume Quest, and Stacking, as well as.

Nordic and Double Fine have a deal to publish retail versions of Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking in North America and Europe in the first half of 2014, for PC and Mac. full PR text Double.

He also spoke about how, despite working on titles like Psychonauts and Brutal Legend for the current generation platforms, future games like Broken Age and Massive Chalice will only be on PC, Mac and.

You’ll find all the newest additions at the top of each category below. As usual at this time of year, many of the most popular and highly rated iOS and Mac games/apps are going on sale for the.

Time for yet another PlayStation Store sale and this time the theme is, er, well there isn’t one, it’s just a sale for the month of May. Before we get on to that we have the Deal of the week which is.